3848 Broadlawn Drive

3848 Broadlawn Drive

An original home rich in nostalgia from simpler days.

3 BEDS & 2 BATHS LP $951,000 BUILT 1956 1,924 SQ. FT.
3848 Broadlawn Drive: An original home rich in nostalgia from simpler days. Never before on the market, this traditional mid-century three-bedroom home constructed in 1956 radiates with warmth and charm. This was the home that owner-builder Anthony DeRiggi built for his young family. A true renaissance man and a proud Italian-American, DeRiggi went on to build several homes in the Hollywood Hills.
Together with his wife Agata, the DeRiggis created a lasting legacy of life, love, and family.
Anthony was educated at the University of Naples, Duquesne University, and more locally, University of Southern California. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army as a translator for Italian prisoners of war. He met Agata in his family’s home town in Italy and brought her to Los Angeles.
Anthony went on to be an educator, teaching social studies at Hollywood High School, and later teaching Italian at Pierce College and Los Angeles Community College. For Anthony, a professor’s life left summers free for creative pursuits. During the 1950s, Anthony built custom homes in the Hollywood Hills during the summers he had off from his teaching schedule.
Anthony DeRiggi on a job site.
Agata DeRiggi at home. “My mother used to bring him lunch at the construction sites, recalled daughter, Carol.”
Anthony DeRiggi with an unidentified client. They are standing on the foundation of a home that he was building for her.
“My father built several homes in the Hollywood Hills,” said his son, Tony DeRiggi, each custom to the lot and the clients’ wishes. “You can tell which ones are his by his distinct style. They are mostly around Lake Hollywood and adjacent to Universal Studios properties. I would help him in the summer.”
Anthony and Agata DeRiggi
Their partnership was a loving marriage with a wide circle of family and community.
Carol and Tony recalled the simpler times living above Cahuenga Boulevard. A Helms Bakery truck came weekly to deliver bread, and milk was delivered, “of course,” remembered Carol. “Cahuenga was a field of tumbleweeds. It was empty,” said Carol, and perfect terrain for kids to build forts.
Carol and Tony during the early years at 3848 Broadlawn.
“That was nice a neighborhood,” recalled Tony DeRiggi. “In the 1950s and 60s we used to walk to school. In the Hollywood Hills in the early 60s there were still streams running down the canyons –natural springs. We’d actually catch frogs and explore nature.”
The hillsides and ravines weren’t all undeveloped, Tony and Carol distinctly remember one iconic business nearby: The Hanna-Barbera Studios on Cahuenga Boulevard. Tony recalled finding original animation cells of Yogi Bear and his animated friends in the trash bin behind the Hanna Barbera Studios. Fun discoveries that eBay aficionados would love to bid on now!
The Hanna-Barbera Building, Architect: Arthur Froehlich, 1963
“The Hanna-Barbera Building at 3400 Cahuenga Boulevard… Opening in 1963 to great fanfare, the futuristic building was designed by Arthur Froehlich & Associates for Hanna-Barbera Cartoons and provided the inspiration for the best-loved classic animation the world has known. Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera created The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla, Atom Ant, Jonny Quest, just to name a few.”- LA Conservancy
Froehlich was also known for designing many racetrack complexes including the Hollywood Park Racetrack completed in 1938.
“Our home was designed by my dad,” said Carol. “It was one of the unique-looking homes in the neighborhood.”
In 1956, when Anthony built 3848 Broadlawn, modernists such as Edward Fickett, FAIA, were in full stride in the Hollywood Hills. Read about renowned architect Edward H. Fickett, FAIA in our 7554 Lolina Lane Blog post.
Though traditional in layout, 3848 Broadlawn bears striking modern influences, notably reflected in Anthony’s strong continuous lines of the front exterior with a juxtaposition of stucco and clean wood panels. Large plate glass windows were placed strategically to take full view of the hillsides of Studio City.
Expansive layout is flooded with natural light.
3848 Broadlawn’s living room benefits from hillside views by day, twinkling lights when the evenings bring with them a cool breeze.
3848 Broadlawn’s living room in the early days when it was furnished with a modern aesthetic.
Open sight lines and easy flow from the kitchen to the family room keeps loved ones close to where the cooking is.
“My mother was an amazing cook,” recalled her daughter Carol. “For the family gatherings they would open up the table in the family room. In the living room, there was a grand piano with friends playing and always a lot of people there. My parents were generous and gracious hosts.”
The DeRiggis would remain active with the Italian-American community into their later years. Anthony served as president and board chairman of the Patrons of Italian Culture and president of the Federated Italo-Americans of Southern California. He also served on the Los Angeles County Grand Jury, the Italian Heritage Foundation and Garibaldina Society. His commendations were numerous and well-deserved.
3848’s Broadlawn’s family room opens into the backyard’s natural setting.
Generous patio terraces perfect for entertaining are connected by pathways.
Well-planned garden spaces expand living spaces to the outdoors.
Simpler days: a young Carol DeRiggi plays in the foreground as Anthony DeRiggi looks on.
“Both my parents loved the yard,” said Carol. “They planted a fig tree which is so Italian, some kumquats, a loquat, and an Italian plum tree.”
Three spacious bedrooms with two and a half bathrooms. With over 1,900 square feet of living space, there is room to grow here.
Guest room, or home office + artist studio? The possibilities are inspiring.
The lower level of the house has its own entrance and bathroom. The view of the terraced grounds might make it hard to stay inside, but why fight it?
Come on out, the weather’s fine. It’s no wonder that 3848 Broadlawn brought so much happiness to Anthony and Agata and their family. Theirs was a life fulfilled.


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