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Brian Ades, a distinguished real estate professional, has established himself as a preeminent advisor to a diverse and esteemed clientele, including industry leaders such as Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla, and luminaries in sports and finance. His career, marked by a dedication to concierge-level client service, reflects a profound commitment to excellence in every facet of his work.

Ades' journey in the real estate sector began with a foundational experience in producing high-caliber commercials for iconic brands such as Budweiser, Nike, and Mercedes-Benz. This experience ingrained in him a rigorous work ethic and a keen understanding of complex project management, budget adherence, and timely execution. His philosophy, deeply rooted in ensuring client satisfaction, revolves around the ability to balance fiscal prudence with creative problem-solving.

In his dual role as a producer and real estate expert, Ades has developed a nuanced understanding of the Southern California property market. His expertise spans from the iconic Hollywood Hills to the vibrant streets of Venice and Silver Lake, showcasing his ability to navigate a diverse range of locales. His collaboration with renowned fashion photographer Herb Ritts on projects for Vanity Fair, set against the backdrop of architecturally significant homes, further honed his sophisticated marketing acumen.


Brian's Real Estate Journey

Ades' real estate prowess was first showcased in his restoration of the historic Charles E. Toberman Estate in Hollywood. His meticulous approach to reviving this 1922 landmark underscores his commitment to preserving architectural heritage while maximizing property value. This project also marked the beginning of his venture into real estate investment, leading to a portfolio of high-end rental properties that demonstrate his keen eye for potential and profitability.

Renowned for his exceptional results, Ades has been consistently acknowledged as a top-performing agent, with a proven track record of high-value transactions and a sales conversion rate that speaks to his effectiveness and dedication. His approach is characterized by a bespoke marketing strategy for each listing, yielding record-breaking sales and redefining the standards of the Los Angeles real estate market.

Ades' achievements and expertise have garnered attention from prestigious media outlets, including CNBC, The New York Times, and The Hollywood Reporter. His clientele, ranging from celebrities and industry captains to dignitaries, is a testament to his skill, discretion, and integrity. His passion for architecture, combined with a strategic approach to real estate and a deep commitment to his clients, drives him to consistently deliver the highest level of service and success.

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Meet Brian

Representing a diverse client base that includes PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk, Los Angeles Laker Steve Blake, Laurence Tighe, Partner at Gehry Partners, LLP, and London-based Crispin Osborne, managing director of Barclay’s Capital, Brian Ades is a singular advisor who specializes in concierge-level client service.

Ades developed an unmatchable work ethic through decades of experience producing million-dollar commercials for the likes of Budweiser, Nike, and Mercedes-Benz. As an industry-leading producer, he was known for getting complicated jobs done on budget and on time. Ades believes that the best producers understand budgets, deliver results, protect the client, and pull off the impossible every day with grace. He feels that he can handle anything a client throws at him.

As a producer, real estate agent, and investor, Ades has scoured the city’s most desirable communities for the most iconic Southern California homes and hard-to-come-by-income properties. His finger is constantly on the pulse of several Los Angeles neighborhoods, from the Hollywood Hills to Venice to Silver Lake. Working with renowned fashion photographer Herb Ritts, Ades produced print ads and cover shoots for the likes of Vanity Fair in a collection of homes featured in Architectural Digest. His experience preparing these meticulous homes helped nurture a sophisticated sense of style that Ades incorporates when marketing his clients’ properties for sale.

Ades’ real estate career began in 1994 when he oversaw an extensive, historic restoration of the two-acre Charles E. Toberman Estate at 1847 Camino Palmero in Hollywood. Ades selected specialized craftsmen to restore the interior infrastructure of the 10,000-square-foot main house, indoor pool and solarium, tennis court, and guest quarters. Over eight months, he brought the neglected 1922 landmark back to its original historic integrity and realized its full market value. Inspired to do his own investing, Ades purchased and renovated his first income property in the Bungalow Land area of Laurel Canyon. He now owns an inventory of high-end rentals from the Hollywood Hills to Abbot Kinney.
Buying or selling a home usually coincides with a major turning point in life. Ades’ greatest personal reward is taking part in those important and sometimes emotional transitions.

Brian Ades

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Thinking & Planning

Let your worrying become the thinking & planning for your future. No matter what your net worth, it is important to have a basic estate plan to ensure you and your family’s financial goals are met after a passing. An estate plan may include a will, power of attorney, a health-care proxy, (medical power of attorney) and for some, a trust. Having these instruments in place is key to paying bills, managing investments, or making financial decisions in the event a health crisis leaves you unable to handle the business of your life. The person that is empowered to sign your name is obligated to be your fiduciary – meaning they must act in your best financial interest and in accordance with your wishes.


What is a Trust?

A trust is merely a contract, typically, a written contract, between the person who formed the trust, called the “Grantor,” and the Trustee.

A Revocable Living Trust – Also simply called a living trust, has become a widely used estate-planning tool, partly for the purpose of avoiding probate. When a Grantor sets up a “revocable living trust” for his or her benefit, he or she typically also serves as the initial Trustee. After the Grantor dies, the trust becomes irrevocable, and a named successor steps in to serve as Trustee. The successor Trustee must hold or distribute the trust property for the named beneficiaries and in accordance with the instructions set forth in the trust agreement.

Testamentary Trust – In some instances, such as when one of the beneficiaries is a minor or is disabled, it may be recommended that a client have a Testamentary Trust drafted into the will.

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Buying or selling a home usually coincides with a major turning point in life. Ades’ greatest personal reward is taking part in those important and sometimes emotional transitions.

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